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Unlock the power of payments & data

Simplify your business operations with our single access point for all payment and data aggregation activities

Our Solutions

Expand your customer base and boost your digital sales with our flexible payment solutions, now available across 172+ products and counting


Say goodbye to the hassle of custom integrations - our standardized branding and approved UI flow make it easy for you to plug in and start offering a suite of products

We are not just a solution house, we are an innovation house that is revolutionizing the way businesses approach financial services

Our Partners


Years in business

40 +





TTV/year and growing






Harness the full potential of your e-wallet company using IIMMPACT's unified access point for payment and data aggregation. Simplify processes and elevate customer experiences through seamless integration.

Utilize IIMMPACT for effortless integration of various payment methods and real-time data insights, streamlining operations and enriching customer experiences.


IIMMPACT provides a unified access point for payment and data aggregation, enabling seamless checkouts, higher transaction success rates, and simplified back-end operations for E-commerce companies.

Our platform efficiently manages multiple sellers, various payment methods, and transaction reconciliation, reducing manual effort and promoting effective scaling for online marketplaces.

FinTech Businesses

Enhance your FinTech business with IIMMPACT's single access point for payment and data aggregation. Consolidate financial data, streamline reconciliation, and focus on scaling your operations.

FinTech lending platforms can utilize IIMMPACT to efficiently collect repayments, disburse loans, and access real-time transaction data, empowering them to make data-driven decisions for business growth.

Offline Retailers

Simplify your retail business with IIMMPACT's comprehensive solution for payment and data aggregation. Enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction through our secure and reliable IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform.

Offline retail companies can effortlessly manage and monitor sales transactions across multiple locations in real-time, enabling seamless inventory management and exceptional customer experiences.

All Other Industries

IIMMPACT's single access point for payment and data aggregation serves as an invaluable solution for various industries, including retail, hospitality, and transportation. Enhance efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and cut operational costs with our secure platform.


Experience the benefits of efficient payment and data management alongside our expanding client base.

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